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goes on their sophomore collaborative
tour ever in January 2022 - introducing

Synergies Of Sound

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Education in focus

Everything in the music industry is about education and constant practice. This is where it all begins. We offer education in the second and third stage as well as in what is called the free education sector. In other words, you may take a vocational degree, polytechnic degree, university degree or take a valuable year of study where you above all find your own area of specialization. Our educations are led by experienced, dedicated and driven educators.


Entrepreneurship is key in the music industry. It is about creativity, initiative, to dare to experiment and work with diversity. In music education, you also train your own entrepreneurship at different stages and levels. You become more confident in your role as an educated individual in music industry.

Network & Knowledge

It is during your time as a student that perhaps the most important network of contacts is created. That foundation accompanies you for the rest of your life. To be able to work your way up in the music industry, you need knowledge and a great deal of commitment. But also people around you who support and help. The various actors in music education offer contexts where new and valuable contact surfaces emerge.

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