Study music at the Sibelius Academy

The Sibelius Academy at the University of the Arts conducts the highest music education in Finland. Artists, educators and music experts who work in many different areas are trained here. The cornerstones of the business are teaching, research and artistic activities.

In addition to the music master’s and music master’s degree, you can also take a music licentiate and music doctoral degree at the Sibelius Academy.

The public concerts are the window to the academy’s artistic activities. Every year, around 700 concerts are held, which form a significant part of the capital region’s concert offerings.

In addition to Helsinki, the Sibelius Academy is also located in Kuopio and Seinäjoki. The Sibelius Academy’s special library is open to everyone and is located in the Music Hall in Helsinki.

Contact person

Marina Lindholm
+358 40 710 4538

Educations & application

The Sibelius-Academy has many different educational programs. You can study everything from folk music, and Global music (English language line) to composition and music theory, music technology and conducting. You can also conduct instrument and song studies in classical music. In the department of music pedagogy music educators are trained and the training is given in both Finnish and Swedish. It is the only education that provides subject teacher qualifications in music for Finnish-Swedish primary and secondary schools. The education is very versatile and by studying music pedagogy you can also work at music educational institutions or with child and adult pedagogy in the free education system. At the department of church music you can also study in Swedish. The education qualifies for cantor service within the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Finland but also prepares for many other tasks in the field of music.
5.5-year bachelor's and master's degree and 2.5-year master's degree