Study music pedagogy at Åbo Akademi University in Vaasa

Åbo Akademi University in Vaasa educates inter alia class teachers, special teachers, immersion class teachers, teachers in early childhood education and teachers in early childhood education, immersion. All of these training programs include courses in music education. At the faculty of pedagogy and welfare studies, there are researchers who are involved in national and international music pedagogical projects and it is possible to write their bachelor’s and / or master’s thesis with music as a theme.

Are you passionate about music and are interested in working with children’s musicals development? There is a great need for music pedagogical knowledge in the field: in early childhood education, in preschools, in grades 1–6 and in language bath classes. Even if the range of courses is not so large with us, we can guide you who feel that you want to invest in music education so that you build up a diverse personal music portfolio, something that is often appreciated among employers in the school world. We also arrange in-service training for active teachers. Feel free to contact university lecturer in music didactics Cecilia Björk.

Contact person

Cecilia Björk
+358 40 568 9091