Study music at Lafo

Lappfjärds folkhögskola offers folk high school education in music (rock, pop, jazz), sound engineering and music production in an inspiring environment. Here you can study sound engineering in a professional recording studio. You can learn to write, produce and record your own songs with the help of modern tools. You can develop as a musician on your instrument and with others in bands.

The music program, the audio engineering program and the music production program are full-time studies, to which you can apply without previous education or experience in the industry. Many of today’s leading players in the industry have begun their careers with us!

One-year educations in sound technology, music and music production at Lappfjärd Folk High School provide extensive undergraduate education for further studies in the music industry, and supplement and update industry knowledge for musicians. We give you the opportunity to take a degree in main instruments, music theory and tone meeting according to the music institutes’ recommendations.

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Casper Sahlström
+358 40 845 6870