Purpose of the collaboration

Musikutbildning i Finland's task is to explain how to study music, music production, music pedagogy and sound technology in Swedish-speaking Finland. Today we offer a deep and broad knowledge in the industry but also regional choices. Through our website and our social media, we invite you to a living form of study guide where study path, validation, study pace, goals and opportunities are included.

We want to reach you who know that you want to build a study plan in music, but also you who are currently thinking about the future. Free years with competence development are important years also in the study as a whole. You can easily build a path from the second stage to the third stage - do not hesitate to contact us when you have questions!

The information here can and should be used by students, study supervisors and educational institutions in general.

The network behind


Hilde Talus Losvik Dunk r.f.

Hilde Talus Losvik


+358 40 045 5605

Emil Rosendahl projektledare DUNK

Emil Rosendahl

DUNK, project manager

+358 44 022 4321

Tobias Nygård DUNK spelar på en elbas

Tobias Nygård


+358 44 290 6556

Mariela Korhonen Musikutbildning i Finland

Mariela Korhonen

DUNK, trainee
Casper Sahlström Lappfjärds folkhögskola

Casper Sahlström

Lappfjärds folkhögskola

+358 40 845 6870

Marcus Söderström Yrkeshögskolan Novia

Marcus Söderström

Yrkeshögskolan Novia
Marina Lindholm Sibelius-Akademin

Marina Lindholm

Kristoffer Holmberg Lärkkulla music

Kristoffer Holmberg

Lärkkulla Music
Marie Granbacka Bildningsalliansen

Marie Granbacka

Peik Holländer Borgå Folkakademi

Peik Holländer

Borgå folkakademi

+358 40 062 2461

Cecilia Björk Åbo Akademi Campus Vasa

Cecilia Björk

Åbo Akademi - Campus Vasa

+358 40 568 9091

Johannes Brusila Åbo Akademi Campus Åbo

Johannes Brusila

Åbo Akademi - Campus Åbo

+358 46 921 6865

Johan Nybäck Yrkesakademin i Österbotten

Johan Nybäck

Yrkesakademin i Österbotten
Maria Bäck Yrkeshögskolan Arcada

Maria Bäck

Yrkeshögskolan Arcada

+358 29 428 2571

Carl-Johan Hultgren Yrkesakademin i Österbotten

Carl-Johan Hultgren

Yrkesakademin i Österbotten