Study musicology at Åbo Akademi University

At Åbo Akademi University’s musicology program, you can immerse yourself in the various sub-areas of music up to a bachelor’s, master’s or even doctoral degree.

Musicology teaches you to i.a. see music in a broad cultural perspective, understand and explain music in different ways, work with music-related issues in society and broaden your views in everything from art music to popular, jazz, folk and world music.

Åbo Akademi University offers a university’s wide range of courses in an urban environment, but teaching takes place in small groups and it is possible to receive personal guidance. It is also possible to gain new experience by going on an exchange, e.g. The sound and music production line at Högskolan Dalarna in Sweden is a popular destination.

Students with a degree in musicology generally place themselves well as music experts in several different sectors of music and cultural life. Musicologists work i.a. in the concert industry and the orchestra, as music editors, music librarians and archivists, in the music industry and in various music organizations. Some combine musicology with practical music practice or music pedagogy.

Musicology is a humanities education that provides a broad knowledge of music and culture, in other words it is not a question of teaching practical music making. Many students are however active in e.g. the student choirs Flora and Brahe Djäknar, the symphony orchestra Akademiska Orkestern, Akademiska Spexet and Rockföreningen at Åbo Akademi.

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